The Best Seller By Far

sept-customer-special-social-graphic-1The Large Utility Tote or also known by LUT is the greatest bag and most versatile bag you’ll own.  It’s great for carrying things and storing things.  It’s rugged and can hold up to 50 pounds.  Customer’s have used them for diaper bags, to carry kids’ sports equipment, and even in the trunk of their car as an organizer.

sept-customer-special-social-graphic-2There are a couple of added accessories that you can also get for the LUT like the Top-A-Tote which is a clear cover that goes over the top of your tote…yep it’s that simple.  It’s clear so you can see what’s in your LUT without having to open it.  There’s also a Stand Tall Insert that goes inside the LUT to help keep it sturdy and standing upright.  And lastly there’s the All-In Organizer that goes inside the LUT to give you tons of pockets and spaces to organize the many things you can fit inside.

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Here’s a video to give you some more information on all the features of the LUT…