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I started playing guitar again last year after a short hiatus of a few years while I tried (unsuccessfully) to learn the shakuhachi and other instruments (I did manage to get along quite well with the Strumstick, however).

Early in 2008, I bought a ukulele on e Bay (because I couldn't find a suitable one locally) and started to learn it.

Originally I intended it as a stepping stone to playing the charango which I also bought but had to wait a month to get.

I quickly became enamoured of the ukulele and started learning more, reading, joining online forums and, of course, playing.

I sold the charango almost as soon as I got it and bought more ukuleles. This is a page of uke reviews and comments aimed at people like myself - not professional musicians, but rather folks who like to make music and enjoy doing so, but would like to learn more about some of the more popular brands and models.

It's an ongoing project that changes as I learn more and as I try out new ukuleles. While I was re-acquainting myself with the guitar last year (2007), I started to play harmonica again.

I dug out some old and very worn harps I had kept for the past few decades, and began to relearn to play the blues.

I realized I needed to new instruments because mine were old and tired. Can that fear justify a 45-year embargo in violation of international law, and a concerted campaign of terrorism and assassination against the island and its people? Or has American foreign policy been subverted simply to let politicians skim off more campaign funds from the exile community?

The local music stores had a limited supply of brands, so I started to do some online research. Why has American normalized relations with China and Vietnam, but not Cuba? What is the glue that binds us together in this rambling collage of a country? Like the UFO conspirators, there are those who seek secrets in Shakespeare's words, find hidden codes and dual meanings buried deep in his writing.

That led me to purchase a lot of different brands and models, as well as harp mics and accessories. These pages are my reviews of those instruments, and my thoughts on harmonicas in general. An essay on the relations between Cuba and the USA, with a separate history and a list of sources from the Web and in print. a bit dated since it doesn't take into account Castro's resignation in 2007. Well I had some time to ponder that question while driving 1,000 kilometers across the province on Canada Day. Here's my take on the arguments that surround the works of If you're an aficionado of peppers and their effects, you might be amused by this item.

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I'm not a professional musician, but I hope these pages will help other players like myself find what they're looking for in harmonicas and give you some yardsticks to use when you're out looking for the special brand(s) that suit you best. Here is a small selection of the pieces I've written over the past few years. More pieces and comments have been written in my blog. Here's what I think is the that defines this great nation. If you're not - maybe you'll learn to appreciate them from it.

Or at least what powers the common factor that unites my Ontario homeland. And here's my comments on sign bylaws and the encroaching shadow of Stalin through increased conformity and uniformity in our community. For me, it's only hot enough when my eyes begin to bleed.

and the increasing number of bad drivers on the road today?

Are we becoming Stalinistic in our municipal approach to signs?

You can read a lot more comments on Collingwood's municipal madness on my blog.

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